Sunday, May 21, 2006


Two things in the Stars & Stripes (Mideat Edition) stood out today. One was the appointment of conservative talk-show host Tony Snow as President Bush’s Press Secretary. While I applaud the Administration for bringing in new blood, I have to wonder whether the President has given up all pretense of being fair and impartial? Have you heard this guy?? All I can say is that the November elections won’t be here soon enough!!

The second item was an ad on page 7 titled “As a Christian in the Armed Forces, What Does Active Duty Mean to You?” Apparently, with only faith, a willingness to serve God, and minimal training, you too can become an “active duty missionary for Christ>’ Just what we need over here? Am I the only one who sees Christianity being one of the principle issues dividing the Middle East/North African nations from the West? I think I’ll wander over to the chapel to see if they have a Wiccan service.

Note to self: Next time pack a set of those tactical knee pads. I’ve already torn holes in the knees of two pair of trousers!


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