Saturday, June 03, 2006

Another thing I learned in Iraq:

That truck tires going over stones and rubble sound like gunfire in the distance.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Mark,

Happy birthday you forty something! The Ann Arbor News said of your birthday to be on the look out for more promising careers this year. Keep an eye pealed, maybe you might come across an opportunity.
Mom sent you a letter, she is unaware how long it takes to reach you and has been unable to open the blog since she has trouble getting on the internet. She called today saying her water heater broke. Marty gave her all kinds of advice but said basically she was safe until the plumber came. Guess what it was? A gas cut-off in the region! Her nose is $95 bucks out of joint today. We are doing well, Mark, and think of you often. I absolutely love he US forces dialect, like Muj, ALICE, gone Elvis, I think it makes you guys more of a team. There's gotta be a nickname for that chicken and rice meal! I would love to hear more vocabulary! Really!
With avian flu, volcanoes and earthquakes, plus terrorism, Matt and Tammy are going out to Indonesia for his birthday, June 13. What me worry? Spending K-12 there I think he has a more childlike or at least naive opinion of Indo. He talks of retiring there. Mark, I have been angry at God too, esp when my dad passed. I am Christian but understand how abandoned you and your family are of each other and the bitterness of being where you are. Please don't be offended, it is my way to pray. I don't think it hurts to do so, and I would never want to hurt you. You may not get cake but keep alive your faith in the love of your family, and I hope you feel our warmth today and always. Love, Kay

June 04, 2006 11:30 AM  

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