Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Thoughts about oxygen deprivation

When a bomb goes off in a market place they call the sanitation men to clean up. They use hoses to wash away the blood and left over body parts, squirting it into the gutters so that it doesn’t have to remind people. Sort of like you squirt the dirt off of your driveway.

I was talking to Marc the other day about death. I read an interesting article that claimed, ultimately, almost all death is caused by oxygen deprivation. When a guy bleeds out (that’s our word for exsanguenating) the blood stops carrying blood to the brain. When a guys chokes on his own vomit and blood and his lungs fill up, no oxygen to the brain. Etc. What do you think? Only when a being is obliterated or has his head blown off is this not true.

Is there a soul? Some type of human singularity? Religion says that there are three parts to life: The body, the mind, and the soul. But I also read that the soul isn't a discrete entity, but it's the meeting of the mind and the body. Or was it the mind is the meeting of the body and the soul? But if the mind is merely a series of electrical pulses arcing across a synaptic gap (sort of like the gates in a computer chip), then wouldn't that basically make the mind an extension of the physical body? What is the mind, anyway? Is that where hell exists?


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