Wednesday, July 26, 2006

The Hill: Explained

The picture of the hill I run up has apparently generated quite a bit of conversation, so let me put this to rest

Yes, the hill is considered to be on Camp Slayer, and is therefore inside the perimeter. The camp itself has a “mainside” area, consisting of the HQ, plus most messing & berthing facilities, and several outlying areas, such as the hill, the motor pool, etc. These outlying areas are contagious to the base, but just not grouped immediately adjacent to what might be considered its “downtown” areas. Most, if not all, of the camp is protected by one of more cinderblock walls with guard towers.

The east side of the camp abuts the city of Baghdad, the north side Route Irish (across which lies Camp Victory), the air field is to the east, and you can sometimes see sheep grazing in the field to the south. The hill itself, which is really the spoilage from when they dug out the artificial lakes, is garrisoned by some signals troops and a guard detachment in a watch tower. Because the whole area is pretty much flat, the view is magnificent on a clear day, and I like to go there to view the city of watch the aircraft come in to BIAP.


Anonymous Keith said...

And what a beautiful city Bagdad must be... Can you see, I wonder, from that vantage point, the sectarian death sqauds cutting the heads off of those who were born differently than they were? Can you hear the last gasp of those about to die as the sword swings down? Baddad's a shithole. Burn it.

July 26, 2006 11:10 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree with Keith. I have a better solution. Pull out all of our troops,allies,freindlies and so on.Then bomb the hell out of the place and just flatten it ti the ground. Some may say "well what about the women and children". I say that the adorable little girl today can can grow up and drive a car into a crowd or something loaded with explosives or something.Or the cute little boy in a year or two can be the next BIN Laden. And as for the women,they are already driving cars into public places and blowing themselves up. So again I say pull out our troops and bomb the hell out of it.............just my two cenys worth................

July 27, 2006 11:38 AM  

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