Saturday, September 16, 2006

Some Things

Things that I am tired of:

-The pitch-black night-
-Over-cooked rice-
-Body armor that never seems to fit right and makes my back ache-
-Shaving in the morning with 15 other guys-
-The ubiquitous roar of the generators every time you step outside-
-Narrow streets filled with trash-
-Not having a bathroom in the same building as I sleep.-
-My roommate’s TV (AFN Sports Channel, constantly)-
-Online order forms that do not allow for APOs as a valid shipping address-
-Twisting my ankle on broken sidewalks-
-Not being able go for runs while listening to music-
-Stores and government buildings stinking of stale cigarette smoke-
-Upbeat unit newspapers telling us how the Iraqis are winning the war-
-Not having a plan for where we want to be in 6 months or a year-
-Clothing or plastic bags caught in concertina, flapping in the wind-
-Having to constantly watch the sides of the roads, or scan the windows and rooftops for possible firing positions-
-Being suspicious of every dark-haired person I see, just because they are
driving slowly, their car is beat-up, or they made the same last turn
that I did.-
-Wondering who it was every time that you hear someone has been hurt.-
-Thinking “there but for the grace of God” every time someone dies-
-This place-

Things that I don’t even notice any more:

-Helicopters overhead (unless they’re firing or popping flares)-
-Checkpoints – they are just a part of going places-
-Booms in the distance-
-Grey smoke rising -
-Twelve or fourteen hour work-days-
-Not being able to drink the tap water-
-The strange habit of using cardboard tokens for small change-
-Having to have my mail inspected by strangers before it is sealed-
-News reports on Iraq-

Things that I really, really miss:

-Eating a home-cooked dinner with my family-
-Watching TV together-
-Feeding the ducks (Jack chasing them)-
-Reading the paper with Lisanne-
-Doughnuts and coffee on Sunday morning-

-Lazy Saturdays consisting of garage sales, bookstores, and long bike rides
Building things with Jack-
-Talking to Anais while driving her to meet her friends-
-The smell of Downy-fresh linen-
-Going to the mall with $45.00 in my pocket and nothing particular to spend it on-
-Having two-way conversations about the meaning of art or literature
Not feeling constrained by people who cannot fathom the fact that
being in favor of socialized medicine, gays in the military, and
keeping religion out of both science and government is not
inherently unpatriotic or anti-American [off soapbox now]-
-My family, my brothers (and their families), and my parents-
-Spring showers-
-Kissing goodbye-


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I miss kissing you good morning and kissing you when you come home. I miss you.


September 18, 2006 12:18 PM  
Blogger KAB said...

I didn't think Majors were supposed to cuddle.

September 19, 2006 7:25 AM  

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