Saturday, November 18, 2006

Go Blue!!!

I get off duty at 2000 tonight. 'Gonna try to catch a couple hours of rack time so that I am up at 2330 when the Michigan-Ohio State game is playing on the Armed Forces Network (it's sort of like Good Morning Vietnam, except on TV). This is probably the biggest game of the year and wouldn't it be great if Michigan pulled off an upset? I might as well stay up the rest of the night as we have a project kicking off at 0400. Hopefully it'll be a slow Sunday.


After Action Report-
Dateline:Columbus, Ohio

Final Score Michigan ........39
Final Score Ohio State.......41
Yards gained by Michigan running back Mike Hart......145
My heart..............................Broken

(thanks, Keith. I couldn't have put it better)

I was more than a little dismayed at the Michigan defense, especially in the first half. It's amazing to me that the "Best Defense in the Nation" could give up a touchdown right through the center of their line. Of course I wasn't the one out there getting banged up & eating Ohio dirt. In the end, OSU deserved the win, and if we're lucky enough to meet them again this season, Lloyd Carr had better have a new plan.

But I loved watching the game and thinking that in Detroit and New Haven my two brothers were watching the same game, feeling the same elation and letdown. Maybe next year we can all watch it together. I have to admit, Troy Smith is one damn good QB - and the first thing he wanted to do after the win was hug his mother. Perhaps he will bring some humility to the NFL. Heck, he might even get me to watch some pro ball.


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