Tuesday, November 14, 2006

How you remind me (by Nickelback)

So many things remind me of other places and times. It’s as if you come here but continue to live where you came from. I surround myself with little reminders of home. Even in this alien and destructive environment, my office and especially, my hooch, serve as refuge from the real world outside. Or rather, their décor perpetuates the knowledge that there is a better place, and that I will be going back to that place.

At work I am surrounded by pictures that Jack and Anais have drawn, taped to the wall. I have my favorite photo of Lisanne sitting in a silver frame on my desk – it reminds me of her and also of happy times in lovely Spain… exploring Rota, going for walks on the beach, eating ice cream. Many people have commented on how pretty my wife is (usually followed by something along the lines of “I wonder what she sees in you?”). If only they knew how beautiful she really was.

Outside it is the fish swimming in the great, green catch basins that remind of Jack. They are mostly small but they often swim towards the shore or even jump out of the water every once in a while. I wish there were this many fish any place I’ve ever taken Jack to fish, as he has yet to catch one. “But we will though,” as Jack says. And I vow yet again to take him fishing and catch a fish while I am home on leave.

Back at the hooch I see the pictures of my family that I have printed off taped to my wall locker. There’s Lisanne sitting in a lawn chair, and Anais (my Neecy) in a tree, and Jack riding without training wheels (first time!). I pick up one of the books that I am reading and between the pages I find a ticket from the St Louis Cardinals game that I took Jack to. Although it was originally his idea to go, he wasn’t too interested in the game after the third (okay, the first) inning. So we talked, and walked all around the new Busch Stadium, and bought some souvenirs and hot dogs, and stopped to admire the view of the arch from the bleachers, and just had a great time.

In another the book is a folded 3 X 5 card with a tin foil Sponge Bob that Anais had made inside. I can’t remember how long ago she made it, but we’ve had this cute little homage to sea life taped to the door of the microwave oven at least as long as we’ve lived in Swansea. Sponge Bob is so cool. I wonder if Lisanne slipped that in there as a remembrance? Like all of the little notes she left in my luggage?

I guess I’m a little homesick. I just hope that when I do get out of here, things don’t start to remind me of this place.


Blogger lalavoie said...

We miss you and are waiting for you.

Lisanne, Anais & Jack

November 14, 2006 5:29 PM  

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