Thursday, November 23, 2006

Thanksgiving downrange

I suppose most of us stop and consider what we’re thankful for today, even if only in passing. And in spite of the on-again off-again bombardment we seem to be undergoing lately (I think Victory is getting the worst of it), there are probably more people and things that I am thankful for this year than in any year recently past. Or maybe I am just more aware of them.

I will list some of these things below. And just to give some type of structure to the list, I’ll go in order based upon Maslow’s hierarchy:

I am thankful for the roof over my head and for the fact that the hunk of metal that pierced the trailer two down from me didn’t actually hit anyone (we patched the hole with duct tape). (Level 1 - physiological needs)

Holes in hooch

I am thankful for the jobs that a lot of others folks do so that I don’t have to. Like patrolling outside the wire. And I am also thankful for the four new fifty caliber machine guns we picked up from supply. Well, they aren’t really new, but I have been fighting to have my guys issued fifties since I got here. (Level 2 – security needs)

The "Ma Deuce" M2 E50 .50 caliber heavy machine gun

I am thankful for my wife and family – the pain caused by their physical absence is lessened only by the knowledge that we will be together again. And I am thankful for my brothers, both of whom I have gotten to know better, and for my parents, and for old friends who have become new friends (Marc, Gary, and Jen). (Level 3 – love and belonging needs)

Jack and Anais

I am thankful for all of the support I have been receiving while over here, including, three packages in two days from Lisanne; what seems like eight dozen cookies from Mom and Dad, daily emails and occasional packages from my brothers, and even several packages from neighbors (plus one addressed “to any US soldier”). (Level 4 – esteem needs)

I am thankful for the realization that I what I want out of life is to be in the presence of those I love. And that to do that, I need to fix some things about how I act and react around them. I’ve done a lot of thinking over here and almost as much practicing – it’s all a matter of priorities. It may have taken 45 years, but I finally think I got it right. (Self actualization).

Our George leading the charge in a Bradley Armored Fighting Vehicle, Thanksgiving morning, 2006

I love you guys! Happy Thanksgiving!!

Thanksgiving morning at Camp Slayer, Baghdad


Blogger KAB said...

Next year we can all celebrate together - or at least in the same time zone.

November 24, 2006 11:37 PM  

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