Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Second night back

Second night back and they’re really putting on a show. Tracers and RPGs look like they are coming from between the inner & outer East Walls. WHUMP! WWWHHUMP!! Two more RPGs go off. It worries me slightly that the alert that went out said “small arms fire in the camp.” The QRF sirens scream and I duck as several red tracers fly overhead, but a majority of the ordinance doesn’t seem to be aimed in our direction. It’s ECP 13 that’s getting pounded tonight, I think. I hear machine guns, but no fifties, for some reason. Thunka thunka thunka thunka! BAAM!! I wonder where the fifties are?

The fight went on for about 45 minutes, which is an unusually long time. In fact, the last shots didn’t peter out until another hour after that, although that could have just been nervous sentries letting loose.


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