Saturday, February 10, 2007

Winter is here

Winter in Iraq is really more of a rainy period, than the traditional temperate New England season we think of. I suppose it does actually snow in the mountains of northern Kurdistan, but here it just gets miserable. And cold. I actually had to ask Lisanne to ship me long pajamas the other day.

Today it’s going down to 54 degrees (F). At least it’s not raining. It gets really, really uncomfortable when it rains because of all of the mud. Plus, I don’t like the new Gortex filed jackets they’re issuing, which are supposed to double as rain coats. They make me sweat.

But I suppose it’s better than a month of 120 degree weather. And I do have to admit, the clouds make for rather dramatic sky scenery, especially when the moon is just peeking out from behind them.


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