Wednesday, September 27, 2006

We Must be Winning

They extended the 172nd Stryker Brigade over here and even recalled some of their troops who’d already rotated home. And yesterday I heard that not only is the 1st Armored being extended, but the 1st Cav is deploying early. Despite these ominous indications, I know we must be winning because the MPs now have time to set up speed limit signs in most areas of the base. They even have one of those portable trailers that tell you how fast you are going. Then they sit in their little speed traps and issue tickets to any unsuspecting miscreants they can get their paws on.

I suppose this is natural, as the Army settles in for the long haul. In fact, I am surprised that it took this long. What is slightly disconcerting tough, is that the highest speed limit on base (60 KPM) is for sniper alley. Maybe instead of enforcing a 60 KPM speed limit along sniper ally, someone should be out there patrolling the apartment complex just outside the wall. I’m just saying.


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