Sunday, December 03, 2006


St Louis got hit by an ice storm two days ago. That was okay, but I got a little worried when I couldn't get through on the phone. Then I got even more worried when I couldn't get through the second day. Then my brother relayed a message from Mom that the power was out, the basement was flooded, and there was some damage. But not to worry!!! Right.

Well, after 448 attempted phone calls (each only slightly more frantic than the one previous) I was finally able to get through to Jen, our next door neighbor, who is apparently the only one in the neighborhood with an operable telephone. I imagine she's quite popular. Anyway, it turns out the flood wasn't soooo bad, the fireplace keeps the house nice and cosy while the furnace is out, and we own a new $800.00 generator. (NOTE TO SELF: I'm glad I chopped all that wood before I left)

It turns out the that whole neighborhood pitched in. Poor Bobby was running around to 4 different houses with his little portable pump trying to keep their basements dry!! Eventually I guess the menfolk got together and decided that this was a losing battle (or maybe just too much work), and they all went out and made some generator dealer really happy - I hear he made quite a few sales this weekend.

Anyway, everyone is safe and seems to be in good spirits. Anais was even able to make the Belleville East High School Winter Ball last night with her not-boyfirend, Alex, and I hear she looked great. And a big thank you to everyone who pitched in!!! Take care.

PS To everyone who was NOT affected by the storm: feel free to send me twice the number of emails you would normally send in order to make up for the lack of correspondence coming out of Illinois. No tellin' how long they'll be down...


Blogger lalavoie said...

Who the hell told you the fireplace was keeping the house "toasty warm"?? I really don't think Yo-Yo said that!! An approximate 8 foot semicircular area around the front of the fireplace was "toasty" the rest of the house was FRIGID DAMNED COLD!! As for the generator - it was $865 - not including the $75+ in gas and another $66 worth of cables. No power, no phones, no cable (for the kids - it was like being thrown back to the Stone Age - way worse than having to sit thru black and white movies!!) And yes - Anais looked stunning for the Winter Ball!!

December 04, 2006 6:07 PM  

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