Thursday, October 05, 2006

So you wanna help?

Often, when it is not too busy, I will try to take time in the morning to peruse the Stars and Stripes Newspaper, which is the only paper we get over here. This morning, on page 7, there was a short article on an organization called the Snowball Express. This organization’s sole purpose in life is to send the kids of soldiers killed in Iraq and Afghanistan to Disneyland. Hardly suitable compensation for their loss, but if it can bring just one smile to the face of a grieving child, it will have served it’s purpose in my eyes.

Several people have asked what they could send? There are over 1,200 children who have lost their fathers or mothers over here, so here is my suggestion: Go to Toys-R-Us, pick out something nice, and mail it to the Snowball Express, where it will be wrapped and presented to a kid on holiday to Disneyland this Christmas. Or skip that dinner out and send money – I wrote out a check for $50.00 as soon as I got back to the hooch.

You can find out more by visiting I cried when I did.


Anonymous Pixie said...

Wow Mark - thanks for sharing that. I will see if the HR people will allow me to put an article in our Corp. newsletter about Snow ball express.

October 07, 2006 6:54 PM  

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