Saturday, June 24, 2006

Late night in Baghdad

Fuck!! My ears are still ringing and the tips of them burn from the heat of the exhaust. ‘just finished loading two blacked out helos by hand in the pitch black dark It’s darker here than in the States, I swear to God. In spite of the fact that I twice told G3 Air that we would require two EMPTY helos, one came in half full and we ended up breaking down several pallets and just shoving individual boxes and crates in wherever we could. To tell the truth I am lucky no one was hurt. Two of our PAX got lost & ended up on the wrong LZ, but we sent someone to find them and they arrived just in time.

They had the main road closed coming back so our little convoy of four had to travel down Sniper Alley, but they say there hasn’t been any trouble along that stretch of road since we threatened to bull doze any apartment building we took fire from. It’s 0136 and I have to shower and get to sleep.


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