Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Some days....

Woke up this morning to the dying scream of the laptop's low battery alert. Another power outage. Went to the shower and it was cold. Hot water heater not working. Lathered up and the water stopped. Need electricity for the pumps. Got to work late, and had to shave out of a cup at my desk. Needed to drive to Victory for a meeting I wasn't prepared for - broke the key off on the ignition. Luckily, it started, but when we got there the meeting location had changed. Truck won't start. Walked around to all of the different conference rooms that I know on Victory before we gave up. Called Maintenance about the truck, but they said they couldn't get their before 1100. At 1115 they showed up, but the tow can't negotiate one of the corners to where out truck is parked. The three of us push our truck through the mud to where the tow is waiting. Filthy and wet. Call for a lift. My guys show up 45 minutes later. I was pissed.

But at least it's not raining any more.


Blogger lalavoie said...

Soooo, SNAFU as usual.

December 20, 2006 8:58 AM  

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